aug 14 2012

Google pagerank updates

Suspected Toolbar page rank update – 2 August 2012
Confirmed Toolbar page rank update – 2 May 2012
Confirmed Toolbar page rank update – 7 February 2012
Confirmed PR update – 7 November 2011
Confirmed PR update – 4 August 2011
Confirmed PR update toolbar pagerank update – July 2011
Confirmed PR update toolbar pagerank update – June 2011
Confirmed Network Wide Toolbar Pagerank Update – January 2011

Pagerank updates come rarely (there used to be a pattern of 3 months but it is no longer the case) and they are much awaited by website owners and webmasters alike. link builder still rely on public pagernak so find the strongest pages to insert their links on.

Till your green pr values come after the update you see either gray or a white line against the gray toolbar background. A gray or white toolbar, however, does not mean your site does not perform well. The updates show how google evaluates your site and it’s an important factor for webmasters to see if they are going the right direction.

Page rank has almost nothing to do with page rankings – it is named after Larry Page (google founder) and hence the name. Of course, the higher your pagerank is the better chances your site has for better rankings but pagerank itself shows only the potential and not the rankings as many peopel assume.

There is no direct connection but one factor that influences visibility is the value of your pagerank or pr as it is often abbreviated.

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